When OnePlus launched their OnePlus Buds along with Nord, people really liked them. They looked different and had a really funky Blue colour and they said that it will have a really good battery life. So we decided to get our hands on this one as soon as we can.

Here’s my views on all aspects of OnePlus Buds and things you need to know about them.



I got the buds 2 days ago and grew an immediate liking to them. The design was amazing, the case was matte in design and the buds are glossy but do not look cheap by any means. They are a little bigger than the airpods, which to most will be a good thing.

IMG 20200804 153334 1



The pairing process is as smooth as it could be. The buds were ready to go within seconds without any effort. The battery of the case and the buds is displayed in the notification bar, which is an amazing feature to me.

IMG 20200804 153349



Today the OP8 Pro got the update which added the support for the buds and now the gestures work perfectly. Double tap to pick/ disconnect call. 3 second hold to change device. Customisable double tap gestures works smoothly. NO complaints.

IMG 20200804 153407



If you like the Apple’s AirPods, you’ll like these more. If you didnt like the airpods, you’ll still like them. They are a bit bigger than the airpods and therefore definitely a good fit for most of the people. People with small ears might have problem using them. Prolonged usage can cause a bit of pain in the ears. Take them out for 5 mins between prolonged usage and you’ll good to go.

IMG 20200804 153419 1


Charging and battery life

The battery is great. Oneplus said 7 hours and it delivers on that. I used the buds at 80-100% volume and it easily delivered 5 hours use with 40% battery remaining. The buds charge instantly in the case and the case itself charges pretty fast since it has the OnePlus Warp charge tech inside. I couldn’t check how long the case takes to charge from 0-100.

IMG 20200804 155221



When I initially got the buds, the sound was good, the bass was okay and the audio at 100% seemed okay. That was until my buds got the software update to the latest version. The sound has marginally improved. The highs are nice, mids are clear and lows are good too. The bass is definitely nice and better than the bullets wireless 2 and far ahead than the bullets wireless z. The sound at 100% has increased too. Make sure to update your buds


Gaming & Latency

During my first test on normal mode i was getting around 80 latency in normal mode and around 30 in fnatic mode. However, i don’t know what these numbers mean so i played PUBG. There is a slight lag in the audio as can be expected out of bluetooth headphones. I always play on phone speaker so i could notice the difference. However, the lag is by far the lowest on any bluetooth earphones or buds available.