It’s an enormous year for true wireless earbuds. With new chips promising more compact designs and better battery life finally making it into real-world products, there are more reasons than ever to chop the cord on your listening life.

Among the first of the next-gen true wireless headphones to hit the market, Samsung’s new Galaxy Buds showcased the leading edge of technology. There’s tons to like about the company’s latest set of buds.

  • Six hours of battery life
  • Sweat proof
  • Light, comfortable fit
  • Wireless charging case

androidpit samsung galaxy buds 4 scaledIn addition to great battery life and a wireless charging case, the Galaxy buds accompany variety of cool features. Changing songs or adjusting volume, for instance , is accomplished via intuitive touch controls which will be customized inside the Samsung Wear app. The app also allows you to select between five different equalization settings, letting you tailor the sound of the headphones for your ears and musical tastes.

Perhaps the foremost useful feature of the app, however, is “Find my earbuds” which does just what you’d think, preventing you from digging through the couch cushions or jeans pockets when the Buds go missing.

buds scaledThe comfortable design and soft silicone ear tips of the Galaxy Buds allow them to settle very well in your ears avoiding harsh tiny sounds giving warm bass and low mid-response.

With an abundance of great features, six hours of battery life, and an incredible $129 asking price , the Galaxy Buds are currently the most compelling true wireless earbuds out there.