On Wednesday, Microsoft hosted its event launching new products including Surface devices like
• Surface Laptop Studio
•Surface Pro 8
• Surface go 3
All 3 operating on windows 11.
They also launched Surface Duo 2, a dual screen phone which is successor to Surface Duo.
And some accessories including
– Surface slim pen 2
– Surface adaptive kit
– ocean plastic mouse
– Microsoft modern USB C headset.

The Surface Pro 7+ & Surface Pro X devices also received upgrades

The Microsoft surface laptop studio was one of the biggest announcements at Microsoft’s Wednesday event.

This new device is designed as an “evolution of Surface Book”, and is promoted to have been  “built on the heritage of both Surface Book and Surface Studio.”

The device is targeted as developers, creative professionals, designers & gamer, seeking a creative studio, having the portability of a laptop.

The device features a 14.4 inch PixelSense display, with touch support attaches to a ” Dynamic woven hinge” allowing the device’s display to move multiple angles. This hinge allows it to effortlessly transition from traditional notebook to a tablet / canvas. The display however, is non-detachable, unlike the Surface book 3 where you could pul the screen from the notebook & use it as a tablet.

Microsoft has provided three distinct modes on the Surface Laptop Studio.

a18adda5 306f 49f3 8d17 63a1703ea571The first one is a Laptop mode in which you are provided with a full keyboard and touchpad for a regular notebook-like experience.

The Stage mode. This comes after pulling the display forward to an angle where the keyboard is covered but the touchpad is exposed to allow gaming, streaming, docking, and presentation in an immersive way.

The third mode is called Studio mode where you can move the display on top of the keyboard to use it like a canvas or for writing notes.

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