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resident evil

Resident Evil – Movie REBOOT!

Capcom’s seminal survival horror series Resident Evil is heading back to the large screen, for the “beginning of a new universe inspired by storylines and characters” from the games. Resident Evil’s latest movie adaptation is currently in pre-production, and is being handled by Constantin Film…

superman in black suit
DC Comics

Snyder Reveals Superman in Black Suit

Previously we just had some leaks and deleted scenes of Superman’s Black Suit but Sunday’s JusticeCon are as a beautiful surprise for the weekend. Back in December 2019, Zack Snyder shared a picture on Vero. At the JusticeCon on Sunday, Zack Snyder himself shared with…


Review: Samsung Galaxy Buds

It’s an enormous year for true wireless earbuds. With new chips promising more compact designs and better battery life finally making it into real-world products, there are more reasons than ever to chop the cord on your listening life. Among the first of the next-gen…