Apple confirms M1X MacBook Pro that did not launch at WWDC but may arrive later.

What we know until now

Rumors have been flying for a few months now that Apple will release two new MacBook Pro models, supposedly built with a more powerful M1X (or M2) chip. While we didn’t see anything unveiled at WWDC 2021 on June 7, new information suggests we might not have to wait much longer to see what Apple has been working on.

Why did apple not release at WWDC


Now, it is not clear why Apple did not went ahead with the plans to launch the said M1X MacBook Pro at the WWDC.
This was despite strong hints from industry insiders that this year’s WWDC will see the launch of at least one piece of hardware. And that hardware will be the MacBook Pro with an M1X processor. A recent media report said that Apple may be facing problems with the production of the M1X chipset and that seems like a solid reason why Apple chose to hold off the launch. But this is just a guess because Apple has not said anything officially.

More about the laptop

A Bloomberg report previously said that the MacBook Pro with M1X chipset will come in 14-inch and 16-inch variants, both of them having a set of distinct specifications.
The biggest jump here is going to be in performance because, according to Bloomberg, the chipset will have eight high-performance cores and two power-efficiency cores. The M1X is likely to feature up to 32 GPU cores and support 64GB of RAM.
This means a more powerful processor than the M1, and definitely a lot better one than Intel chipsets on MacBook Pros.

The M1X MacBook Pro is also expected to feature a Mini-LED display and mark the return of HDMI and SD card slots.
The design of the new MacBook Pro is also going to look different, or rather better than what you see on existing ones.


Are there any predictions?

LeaksApplePro predicts that at least one of the new MacBook Pro models could arrive in Week 31, though no mention has been made regarding which of the two could make the early appearance.

We don’t know much about the rumored M1X, but it’s been suggested that it’s powerful enough to give the RTX 3070 laptop GPU a run for its money. Paint us intrigued.


Given we have no way of verifying the leaked date (and how likely it is to change), don’t put too much faith into buying a new MacBook Pro in August. We remain hopeful, but until an official announcement is made we can only take comfort in the potential that Apple is currently confident it could hit that release window despite the issues with its supply chain.

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