“Should mankind continue to exist?” — the single matter the gods are now concerned about.

Every thousand years, the gods from all realms assemble and decide on this. For eternity, they have continued to let humans live but this time, the voting turned into the favour of the opposite.

But before they go ahead with this and humanity ceases to exist, one of the gods puts out a proposal — To let mankind decide its fate.

A one-on-one showdown between humans and gods — Ragnarok. And this is the record of it.

Record of Ragnarok has been out there as a manga since November 2017 and those who have read it have appreciated it since. Netflix recently took it on itself to make the beautiful piece into an Anime and it has been hyped since they announced it. It’s gonna be a delight especially if you’re into Norse mythology.

Record of Ragnarok launched on June 17 on Netflix but is yet to be available on Netflix India. Join our discord asap to get the download link right now!

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