DESIGN : 9/10

SCREEN : 8/10


OVERALL : 9/10


Already Great Design

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In line with the design Apple has been using for past couple of years, the MacBook Pro 16-inch continues to keep the brilliant unibody design. It’s a tiny little bit thicker than the last 15.6-inch models but for good. That 0.03 inches provide a lot better air-flow keeping the 16-inch model a lot cooler and let’s it deliver the top performance for a lot longer than the 15.6-inch model without throttling due to high temperatures.

The body itself is Unibody. No modifications possible by users. Everything soldered onto the Logicboard. So remember to get the specifications you want/need when you’re buying the laptop. 

Honestly, the design on the Apple MacBooks has been near perfect for years and they honestly don’t need to change anything because, well, it’s near perfect. it looks beautiful, the build quality is better than almost all laptops on the market right now, it’s light and well, again, near perfect.

Although, we still miss the Lit Apple Logo on the back. That was like a cherry on the top.

Larger Screen

RAW2263 2 scaled e1581276009837The screen on the 16-inch MacBook Pro is 0.4 inches larger than the MacBook 15.6-inch. The bezels are slightly slimmer but topped with the same 720p camera on the top of it is a bummer.

The screen comes with P3 Wide Color space that includes 91% Adobe RGB Color Range. Pretty accurate and it won’t disappoint if you’re planning to do some casual color work on it.

Apple claims that the display goes upto 500 nits but according to some real world tests, the maximum it goes is upto 469 nits but even that’s good enough but not so great for HDR Content and you might want to invest into a good monitor if you’re into HDR content consumption or editing.


Newer Better “Magic” Keyboard

Keyboard. Oh, the Keyboard. The nightmares it has given to countless MacBook users since the butterfly keyboard was introduced with the 12-in MacBook in 2015. Day 1 failures. Key failures. Entire top-board failures. One after another. Again. And Again. And Again. So finally Apple decided to ditch it and rolled back to it’s successful Scissor mechanism keyboard last found in the MacBook Air early-2015.


The new scissor keyboard adaptation on the 16-inch model is called the Magic Keyboard. It has better key travel, more tactic feel but less clicking voice compared to the Butterfly keyboards.

Compared to the previous scissor keyboards, it is more sturdy, more solid keyed and less light leaking. So overall a better keyboard.


The already brilliant Trackpad

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The Trackpad, since it’s introduction in 2016 MacBook Pro models. Largest trackpad than any laptop in the market. Best tracking, Best Palm Rejection and insane accuracy. Apple introduced the first trackpad in the laptop market and they made sure to prove to everyone they know what they’re doing.


Best Speakers

shopping 1 shopping

Blown Out ! Just insane.

The best speakers in a laptop in the entire market. HANDS DOWN.

6 Speaker setup with 2 sub-woofers make this laptop sound like an angel. It’s loud, no distortion, amazing bass and in general perfect.

This thing is almost as loud as my bluetooth speakers. And quality wise honestly, kind of actually better. And the fact Apple fit these things in a laptop is CRAZY.

They are Genius.


Long Ass Battery

Apple has always been real particular about the battery life of the MacBooks. And this time it wasn’t anything different.

Here’s how Apple may have gone about the battery –

Battery Guy: “What kind of battery are we hoping to put into the new MacBook ?”

Apple: “What’s the biggest battery we can carry in an American Airline ? Yeah, put that in there”

So the Battery guy put a 100W Battery in there. That’s the maximum allowed in an American Airline. And it delivers. It stays through long hours. And doesn’t budge.

We edited a 4K footage on Final Cut Pro and the battery held on for 3 Hours straight.
Everyday usage without any heavy loads, this thing gave out after around 7 to 8 hours of usage.
Watching a 4K movie, this thing gave us around 5 hours, that is 2 hours after the movie ended.

So all in all, the battery on this one is down right amazing.


Heavy Performance

Loaded. Fast. Heavy. Powerful.

This thing has it all. Great processor. Much better Graphic Card compared to the 15.6-inch. The 8GB AMD Radeon 5500M is comparable to the NVIDIA GTX 1650 and delivers amazing performance. Video Editing or Gaming. It delivers on both. Amazingly. So. It won’t disappoint. At all.

After using for last couple of weeks at full extent. Editing 4K footage, using After Effects, Editing pictures in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, this thing has not once let down.

Yes, macOS Catalina sure has A LOT of bugs but that’s on software and not on hardware. So, there’s that.

Here are some GeekBench Benchmarks comparisons to the last-gen 15.6-inch MacBook Pro
meta chart 3 copymeta chart 5 copy

Should You BUY it ?

Are you into Apple eco-system ?
Are you using your system for professional work ?
Will buying this system, make your work easier and more efficient ?
Will this purchase save you a ton of time ?

If you answered “YES” to each of above questions. Sure. Go ahead and buy the system and consider it an investment and not an expense.


Review Unit Specifications

  • Intel i9-9980HK  8-core @2.4GHz turbo boost upto 5.0GHz Processor
  • AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 8GB Graphics Card
  • 64GB Memory
  • 2TB SSD Storage