In today’s world, one of the major concern to look after is ‘privacy.’ Therefore, it becomes relaxable when companies turn on to a proactive approach. A foremost step taken is ‘privacy on android’.

The recent month, we got insights about google upcoming privacy indicators, and it highlighted that they are likely to look into Android 12.


There are several observations about the same. One such relates to accessing the camera, microphone, and location. However, the last one is not operating presently, though.
According to the reports, when a particular app uses a microphone, camera, or location, one might observe an expanded pill at first sight. Ultimately, it will turn out to a red color dot placed right to the status indicators for networks and battery.

Certainly, there’s a probability that this might not make up the final build of Android 12. However, the most important aspect to highlight is that iOS 14 comprises of almost similar features.

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However, some aspects which holds the positive sides of the Android 12 is particularly the looks. The Android 12 looks to have chosen for opaque tone. This makes the dark mode of Android look tempting when compared to iOS. Though the rare one, yet one of the most wanting aspect to consider.
Ultimately, Google holds the chance of implementing better than Apple’s, which makes it easy to access information conveniently. On the other hand, iOS requires you to move to the settings to notice changes.