This Samsung Galaxy 21 phone with a wrap-around screen would DESTROY every other flagship.

Samsung 21
Well, if it turns out to exist. Samsung’s new all-screen phone patent takes flight in these stunning new Galaxy S21 renders

Samsung is continuing to work on futuristic smartphone form factors, with the most recent report suggesting a handset with a complete surround display is on the way.

Devices with surround display boast a screen that wraps around the chassis, essentially transforming its exterior into one panel, and Samsung’s design is that the most advanced we have seen yet.

Xiaomi’s stunning Mi Mix Alpha attempted to tug off an identical feat, but the display is interrupted by a sliver of housing on one side. In Samsung’s case, the screen flows all the way around.

LetsGoDigital spotted the patent – published at the end of October – which offers 70 pages of details for Samsung’s impressive design.

Samsung’s design is seamless, due to transparent housing, which relates to a patent the company filed in January for a completely transparent smartphone.
There’s no visible frame, and no camera notch – the handset utilises the under-display camera that Samsung has been engaged on and is rumored to debut in the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

It won’t have a flash, but will allow video calls, and other such functions. Additionally, this camera will constantly detect its surroundings so as to determine which parts of the surround display to activate at any given time. For instance, if you place the phone face-down on the table, the camera will know to activate the rear surface.
This tech applies to the ‘front-facing’ camera but Samsung has adopted a completely unique solution for the camera on the reverse. The patent described a sliding form factor that reveals a secondary camera array.

Samsung is also challenging competitors like Oppo and LG, who are developing rollable smartphones – just like the Oppo X 2021

In the meantime, you can grab a great deal on the more conventional Galaxy S20