Here’s another buzz running around the corner. The social media giant “Facebook” is developing a version of the photo-sharing platform for children under 13 years.

According to Vishal Shah, Instagram’s vice president of product, the company is developing new pillars as part of the community product. The two focus areas of the development will be:

  1. Developing an Instagram version that allows people under the age of 13 to get socialize easily.
  2. Ensuring and developing a safety bundled platform for teens.

These particular aspects of Instagram development highlight their concern over the safety prospects of teens.

Needs and fulfillment

According to reports, Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, highlighted that today’s culture is more about being social. Hence, the company understands the needs of more and more kids who wishes to use Instagram and be a part of the change. Initially, it was a challenge verifying the age of the user, but now it’s been a mandate that even individual signing up on the platform has to input their age as well.

Indeed, the company wishes to segment users based on age and their socializing needs. Therefore, Instagram Kids will play a crucial role in influencing the lives of kids. Ultimately, parents are yet to be benefitted. They can sit back and relax as nothing out of context can be noticed by their kid.


With such a forward-moving step, the major takeaway is the platform’s far-seeing approach. With the rising socializing needs, the parents’ higher demands to show their child the unique and relevant content.

Indeed, we can hope that the platform’s filter will offer the right set of content in front of kids worldwide.