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Review: Sony Xperia 1 II

Overview Sony Xperia 1 II looks great as far as the specifications go. The latest processor and plenty of RAM assure a good everyday usage experience. Sony is known for their camera and if the specifications and claims by Sony are true, it won’t disappoint…


Review: Moto G Stylus

  Overview Powered with the Snapdragon 665, G Stylus is kind of a cheap Samsung Note without that premium price tag hanging with it. The stylus adds that easiness to how you use the device and honestly for $299 it is actually really good of…


Review: Moto G8 Power

Overview Moto G8 Power, one of the three out of the latest G lineup is good for the price being offered. Yes, there are better options available from Xiaomi and Realme but then again Motorola hols it’s brand value for justifying the price. Moto G8…


Realme X2

Overview With a better processor, RealMe X2 succeeds the RealMe XT which featured a lot similar looks. But with a bumped up processor, more RAM and a better front camera, RealMe X2 really is impressing coming at just Rs. 15,900 or $225. | Pros • Really...