Picking a streaming service from the variety of options that have cropped up in the last decade can be tiresome, so can going through hundreds of movies and shows that you may want to put your time and energy into. Here are some Netflix exclusives we think you should check out!



This sci-fi drama series is slept on by most Netflix viewers even though it is written and produced by the creators who brought you The Matrix (1999) and V for Vendetta (2005). It was discontinued after two seasons but will definitely leave you wanting more.

Dead to Me

dead to me

Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini star in this refreshing  drama  which revolves around a series of unfortunate events that will have you gripping your seats. The third and final season was set to release May 2021, but due to COVID-19, all productions at Netflix have been suspended indefinitely. You can catch up on the first two seasons now!

After Life

after life

This mini-series is a deeper dive into the aftermath of losing a loved one. Although a short watch, it’s written and directed by Ricky Gervais and designed to pull at just the right emotions.

Better Call Saul


A spin-off and a prequel to what is deemed one of the greatest television dramas to exist is a tough legacy to follow. This is a take into the extremely nuanced characters that Vince Gilligan once again brings to screen, both new and returning characters from the hit series Breaking Bad (2013). It brings in equal amounts of drama, if not more with stellar film-making and writing that is definitely worth a watch.

Master of None








This American comedy-drama spans for two seasons with impeccable writing and character arcs. Aziz Ansari, having starred in Parks and Recreations (2009-2015), creates an emotional narrative on stardom and while throwing light on philosophies, personal growth and sociopolitical nuances with a sprinkle of comedy and drama.

Marvel-Netflix Universe

Marvel’s Netflix partnership has sadly come to an end with the mini-series- The Defenders (2017). Daredevil (2015) kicked off the grittier take on the Marvel characters and other superheroes in the Marvel universe. The partnership has come to a close following the release of Disney+ but you can catch these gripping stories on Netflix now before it is pulled off the site!

Sense8 and the Marvel-Netflix universe are both cancelled at the moment but are available to check out for now. Marvel’s new deal with Disney+ is extensive and will be integral in connecting the Marvel Cinematic Universe into the streaming service in the very near future. Check out the new trailer for WandaVision streaming exclusively on Disney+ coming Fall 2020.