Lucifer has finally come back to a finish after six terrific seasons and twice avoiding death, with its sixth and final season streaming currently on Netflix. The news of the approaching of the last season generated tons of excitement among fans, who are anticipating it ever since.


However, as soon as the new season started streaming, netizens have wasted no time in viewing the episodes and have quickly gone to social media to express their thoughts.

Lucifer Season six actually ends the show with a bang. getting ready to be God isn’t any little feat for Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis). Luckily, he has Chloe Decker (Lauren German) and the rest of their friends by his side. However, somebody new shows up and puts a wrinkle into Lucifer and Chloe’s plans.

Luckily, the Lucifer writers’ space is jam-packed with professionals, and that they grasp what the fans want—and what we want. Lucifer’s final season was the right balance of viewing wherever we tend to come from whereas at the same time viewing wherever we tend to be going, with several major curve balls thrown in on the method.

The writers do a superb job within the show’s last season of focusing on the show’s long main characters to convey viewers’ closure to varied lingering stories. whereas the season’s stress is on the core solid, there are several noteworthy new characters introduced to the show in season six, as well as a mysterious new angel named Rory.

This 10-episode drop is the final bow for the cast, and it delivers a rarity: a GOOD final season aren’t shows are not lucky enough to get.
The Lucifer team knew this was their final wave-off once already dropping what may have simply been a finale in Season five, and they let things breathe and resolve themselves perfectly.

We get a few more strange murder mystery capers; we get series reveals fans would have been fuming about if they finally happen.

It might not be one that fans would’ve expected, however, it’s actually the simplest doable ending. The season overall is certainly smart tv. whereas there area unit some slow moments and a few conflicts area unit resolved in a very slightly frustrating approach, it’s overall a decent story. New characters area unit introduced and do dominate the narrative a touch. however, all of the recent fan-favorites have fitting stories additionally.

Together with Lucifer and Chloe. while not spoiling an excessive amount, it’s a blithely ever when to some extent. a real bittersweet ending for the show, however one that may hopefully resonate with fans. Lucifer Season 6 could be an actually worthy ending for the story. The show can surprise fans and build them feel each feeling doable, however, that is simply a symptom of excellent writing.

More than something, this last season was a comfort. It created ME laugh, and it created ME cry. there have been happy moments and silly moments and emotional moments. it had been the epitome of what Lucifer has come back to represent for me—a show choked with characters selecting each day to be a higher version of themselves.

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