What if there were more indie comic books in India?, this is a question that every Indian comic book fan has. Don’t worry your prayers have been answered. There is a new graphic novel in town that is somewhat similar to what doctor ordered.

Gone Case is a new graphic novel by Shiv Panikker that will keep you on your toes till the very end of the comic book.

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Gone Case becomes Amazon’s #1 new release in just 3 days! Order your copy today! Just tap the link in my bio or check out my stories ✅ Presenting: Gone Case, Mumbai’s first horror comic book! ☠️ Three local cops, a cyber crime specialist & an escaped inmate from a psychiatric institution find their paths entangled as they get caught up in the mystery of “Gone Case”. What is “Gone Case”? Why the term “Gone Case”? Unravel all the unanswered questions in the book available on Amazon, Flipkart or on Google Reads! For more check out @shivpanikker & @gonecaseofficial #gonecase #comicbooks #indiancomics #mumbaisfirsthorrorgraphicnovel #behindthesceneswithshiv #desimanga #desianime #anime #manga #graphicnovel #indiawantsanime #anime

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Some Details about the creator and Gone Case

Shiv Panikker, a well-established producer, director & screenwriter of the Bollywood industry, recently released his first-ever graphic novel ‘Gone Case’, a horror/mystery comic book that Indian fans will be able to relate to. Published by Blue Rose Publishers, ‘Gone Case’ is a collection of incidents all tied together after slipping down the rabbit hole that leads to one major Mind-bending story.

“Two years ago, while working on Ryan Reynolds & Michael Bay’s Netflix 6 Underground film collection, I was inspired to write my own novel. Only the size of what Netflix output might be in today’s day and age has made me think that everyone can do it in their own little way if they have a strong content-driven story. After pitching the script to the director, I was told to minimize the strength, add a couple of songs and a love story arc to Gone Case, that’s when I understood that Gone Case isn’t ready for the screen yet.’

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15 months ago I had a dream. I wanted to get my story told and out there to the world. I had a corporate filmmaking job at the time and I would save up a chunk of my income every month for that dream. I stopped going out on weekends, not just to save up but to also spend time more productively. Between writing/shooting/editing my vlogs and creating Gone Case I completely lost track of everything around me. Before I knew it, it had been 6 months that I’d last gone to a bar or even done a weekend trip. A lot of my friends found me anti-social while my parents initially wondered if something was up with me. They weren’t used to seeing me at home all the time (even before the lockdown). I knew deep down inside that if I wanted this idea of mine which was sitting as a PDF on my laptop to come to life, the journey ahead is only going to get tougher. I once had a producer tell me: “you can have the best script in the world, but if you refuse to detach from your vision, that script will remain the best script in the world but only on your laptop”. In other words I was forewarned that as a writer, a lot of you work will be compressed and modified into a much more commercial version of your work. But after 15 months, one whole script & 158 pages of storyboarding later, I can literally & figuratively say that Im finally holding my dream in my hands. I’ve gotta give it up to my fellow badass collaborators: Karan, Warrens & Myron who have been my backbone and my support system. Have you checked out Mumbai’s first horror comic book as yet? It landed the number #1 spot on Amazon’s hottest new sellers in just three days! Get your copy now! Find the link in my bio or my story highlights! For more check out: @shivpanikker & @gonecaseofficial #gonecase #comicbooks #graphicnovels #originalart #originalcharacter #amazon reading #behindthescenes #hustler #dreams #dreamer #grind #motivation #motivational #millionairemindset

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Story by – Shiv Panikker
Art by – Karan Danda
Colors by – Warrens Rojas
Letters by – Shiv Panikker
Edited by – Myron D’Silva
Publisher – Blue Rose Publishers
Paperback –  158 pages

Price – 899 INR

The inspiration behind Gone Case 

Shiv got the major inspiration for this new graphic novel when he was a victim of a major debit card scam when he was living in Bangkok. He was living all alone in a foreign country. With the main means of funds blocked, was one of the most nightmarish encounters he would ever have imagined.

Lived in a foreign country with the main means of funds blocked was one of the most nightmarish encounters he would ever have. He was later told that the cloning of the debit card is not rare and that the information is being traded on the dark web. To his astonishment, he discovered that 98% of the card details being sold online were Indian. He felt like he wanted to speak about it and make his own little knowledge of the dark web, and that’s one of the key reasons why he declined to commercialise the plot.

Gone Case Synopsis: Beware!

Gone Case has a story that is based in a local police station in Mumbai it follows three cops named Shiv, Karan, And D’silva, who first started investigating a kidnapping case which later turns out to be a case that is related to a more dark side of the internet.

A Mumbai-based cop with a dark past is tasked to escort an escaped inmate back to the asylum. Along the way, he suspects that the inmate might be a serial killer and the asylum may be haunted.

Artwork Of Gone Case

The artwork will remind you of good old Amar Chitra Katha Publications that every comic book fan from India used to read and loved it. I really liked the artwork that is somewhat also inspired by the pop artwork from the early days of comic books.

Remember that this is his first comic book and more to come so we can expect that the artwork for the next comic book will improve.

Characters And Their BackStory

Shiv – A police officer who has a knack of playing Bollywood style roles in real life. He seems to be a person who got heavily influenced by watching old-style Bollywood films. He is one half of the duo of Crime-solving police officers of Malvani Police Station.

The creator has portrayed the character to have a sarcastic, unpredictable, young hard-ass attitude that operates in a dirty way but with good intentions. The creator wanted to keep this thought process as realistic and as unfiltered as possible, which is why there are different shades to Shiv throughout the story of the comic book. Even when one reaches the climax, the character is shown to have a dark side and even darker sense of humour.

D’silva – He is the other half of officer duo of the Police Station tagging along Shiv. He tends to be more on the realistic side of the investigation of crime.

He is a quintessential blue-eyed poster boy, a boy scout, and a family man. He has a realistic tone in mind, the creator said that he wanted to give him a tinge of the seen it all done it all, young adult vibe.

Karan – He is a cybercrime specialist who is in town to bust a bitcoin transaction that leads him to a greater depth of crimes of Mumbai.

The main objective for Karan was to build the mystery behind the hacker persona. Who is he? What does he know?. The creator has this character to be a man of few words but with a lot of attitudes.

The Final Verdict And Rating

From the start to the end this comic book will keep the fans engaging in its plot through various points. Its a new take on a crime thriller genre that has long existed in this pulp medium, At the end, you will want to read more, want to know more of its characters and what after the completion of Gone Case. To all the fans, there will be a planned sequel to this comic book that will be released soon as per the creator. The story is completed in this comic book that will keep the fans at heart.

We would highly recommend this comic book as it will be a good buy for your collection and you will get a fresh plot unlike things already there in Indian Comic scene.

We are going to rate Gone case an 8 /10, the only thing that can be improved is the artwork and style of it. I am sure that it will definitely improve in the upcoming Gone Case 2.