Sony patents edge compute proxy (a system that tries to remove all the input lag and packet lose) for PlayStation Now and 5G

It is not actually possible to remove ALL input lag, you’d have to have close to 0 ping, which is simply not a possibility without having server’s every 50 miles, and even then, you’ll have about 10 to 20 ping
Games have used a form of this tech on and off for years now, for a computationally easy game like DoTA it could work pretty well.
If they implement it into the movement system, there are only 8 directions your character can move on screen, 9 if you calculate stopping in place as well.
But a game like DoTA already uses very little data because most of the game is rendered client-side.

In the last 5 years, Microsoft has completely emulated Xbox & Xbox 360 will like 95% functionality that those systems had at the time. They created a system to boost framerates with literally zero input from developers short of giving the thumbs up to do it.
All Sony has done is patent stuff. We see their patents all the time. Like, ALL that time. We never see the results.
Everything they do is a work in progress with nothing for the end-user to actually experience at this time. They’ve done cool stuff with hardware.
Nothing with software.

So until Sony actually demonstrates something all they have is a patent. Companies patent stuff that never comes to fruition publicly all the time. Show me something and they will get credit for doing something.
Sony patents a lot of things that don’t exist, like 2005 ‘brain controller’.

It is a high possibility for them to use AI to calculate multiple different scenarios

Only show you the one that you chose, for example, you pressed JUMP, it could immediately show you on screen that you jumped because it predicted and rendered the frames thus reducing input lag. If you didn’t choose to jump it would just disregard the pre-rendered frames and never use them again and continue on working.

But this would require a lot of horsepower and tech that’s not really really available right now