Netflix has a huge library of content, most of which is original or exclusive. This is the reason why the streaming service charges a premium.
To compare, the Amazon Prime Video subscription costs Rs 999 for a year in India, while Netflix charges anywhere between 199 and 799 for a month.

If this is the explanation that was stopping you from accessing the Netflix content, here may be a chance you’ll not want to miss out on. The streaming service is about to offer a free trial of its service to everyone in the country for a weekend.

Netflix is gearing up to bring a brand new offer for the people of India where it’ll be providing complete access to any or all its content including Movies and Television shows under its ‘StreamFest’ event, which will start from December 4 on an experimental basis and will remain activated for 48 hours. So although you do not have a Netflix account with an active subscription, then also you’ll be able to access its content for the following 2 days. The available content can easily be streamed on any device with no limits. Besides that, Netflix has further affirmed that the free streaming during its StreamFest event won’t be subjected to any particular requirement of payment details.

Netflix has confirmed about the event and its related offer in its Q3 2020 earnings call and has further said that it’ll even be extended to other countries similarly. Basically, Netflix wants to assimilate more subscribers with its platform through innovative promotional and marketing strategy. Following that, Greg Peters, Chief Product Officer at Netflix said that the company wants to offer everyone in a country free access to Netflix for a weekend while exposing them to a bunch of new content in hope eventually they’ll register for a Netflix plan.

As of now, the StreamFest event will only be held in India on a trial basis before getting unrolled for the customers across the globe. Other than that, Netflix, earlier, canceled the 30-day free trial plan for the users in most of the countries. This trial plan would provide free access to users for nearly a month after which they were supposed to subscribe to a particular plan or else the access use to get automatically revoked.

Having said that, Netflix offers four different kinds of monthly plans consisting of the Rs 199 plan offering 480p resolution streaming only on its mobile application. Secondly, it offers a basic plan at Rs 499 with 480p streaming on any one screen at a time including Mobile, TV and PC while its Rs 649 Standard plan that gives to stream content in full HD resolution on two devices simultaneously. Lastly, the Rs 799 Premium plan enables streaming at 4K + HDR resolution while the content can be viewed on four screens at an equivalent time.