iPhone 11 is right now, in our opinion the best flagship out there. With performance identical to its bigger brothers – iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 is a performance beast at this price point. Not forgetting the beautiful camera sensors it comes with, that provide one of the best Picture quality in the market.Overall, iPhone 11 is a no brainer if you are thinking of buying one and don’t have a budget for an iPhone 11 Pro.

| Pros

• Flagship Performance
• Powerful Camera
• Long Battery Life


• Still comes with an LCD panel
• Lousy Screen Resolution



iPhone 11 comes with Apple’s latest A13 Bionic Chip. This is the same chip that comes inside iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. So you’re not not missing out on any power whatsoever. It performs just like the “Pro” iPhones without that “Pro” price-tag.

All three new iPhones come with 4GB RAM. Even though it is not on-par with its Android rivals like Google Pixel 4, iOS’ stabilisation makes sure you don’t feel like wanting any more of it.


Coming to Display, we’re not HAPPY. iPhone 11 uses a LCD panel at 1792×828 resolution, which, you guessed right, is not even FULL HD.


But then again, the display is good enough for everyday use.
It’s Big.
It’s Brighter.
It just works.


Camera was a major focus by Apple this year and seems they finally caught up with their rivals to take that Camera King title back this year.

iPhone 11 comes with a Wide and a new Ultra-Wide lens. Both sensors capture a 12MP Picture and honestly, they’re amazing.

Apple worked a lot on the Camera this year. They added and improved a lot of things:

  • New Ultra-Wide Sensor
  • A lot better Camera quality
  • Better Edge Detection in the Portrait mode
  • Better stabilisation while video recording
    and a lot more minor enhancements.

Here are some Pictures using iPhone 11:

IMG_0158 labelled  IMG_0159 labelled

IMG_0165 labelled.jpg  IMG_0164 labelled

It looks like we’re about to see amazing things in Mobile Camera really soon. Let’s see how that goes.


This year, it was different at the Apple Event. How ? Well, Apple didn’t disappoint when it came to the Battery of the new iPhones.

All three iPhones came out with Bigger, Better batteries that last. Well. LONG.

iPhone 11 comes with a 3,110 mAh Battery, a slight improvement over last year’s iPhone XR that came with a 2940 mAh Battery and gives about 11 Hours of Battery Backup while surfing Web on 4G Network. Now that, is impressive.


Apple iPhone 11 is by far the cheapest iPhone launch in last couple of years. Coming at just $650 in US, It is worth every penny.

Sadly for us Indians, it retained last year’s iPhone XR’s price of Rs. 65,000 which is kind of disappointing move from Apple.