Finally one of the most awaited Anime of 2022 Blue Lock released its 2nd trailer. And why should you must watch this anime, I’ll explain that later in this but post first look at the trailer down below:-


The manga is inspired by the 2018 FIFA WORLD CUP  and is the most successful manga after Haikyu!!

It has a total of 17 Volumes and 149 Chapters and has already sold 1.9 Million copies all over the world.

blue lock


The best part about Blue Lock is how well-executed the art style is. A good way to elaborate is through Tite Kubo’s Bleach art during the era of WJS’s “Big Three . Despite the series’ diminishing story and premature anime ending, it was a hit for a long time and the art style was one reason why. With characters like Rensuke Kunigami and the Ichigo, inspiration is clear.


blue lock

Blue Lock was also appreciated by Hajime Isayama – writer of Attack on Titan – one of the biggest anime of all time. Blue Lock has an incredibly high potential for a long run. It can easily go up to 300 chapters unless Muneyuki Kaneshiro chooses to end it sooner.


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