One Piece ep 1000 was released on 21st November 2021 in India with the same opening as ep 1 but as a remastered version and this new opening gives a nostalgic feeling to every One Piece fan. And to celebrate this huge mark of 1000 episodes, the Toei animation released a new One Piece 1000 logo.

one piece 1000logs anniversary artwork

Here are some interesting facts about One Piece that every fan has to know

In this world of anime, some series have become top-tier anime over the years just like One Piece. Although this list also includes franchises like Naruto, Bleach, and the Dragon Ball Z. But here we are talking about One Piece that covers the epic journey of Monkey D. Luffy and the crew of Straw Hat Pirates, Oda has taken this journey to the whole other level throughout the years and still far from ending. To date, One Piece has 98 volumes (almost 1032 chapters), 1000 episodes, and 14 theatrical movies, and the trailer of the 15th movie is below after the facts, and believe me, once you start One Piece there is no turning back.

We have collected some unpopular facts about Oda, the series, and its impact on the world of anime. There are no spoilers in the facts, so we hope you enjoy these facts.

8. Originally supposed to last only 5 years

starw hat

The Journey of Straw Hat Pirates has been written by author Eiichiro Oda. His will to create most of the art by himself has led to a very challenging schedule. According to Kotaku, Oda stated that “Mornings. I get up at 5 am, and I work until 2 am. It’s normal for me to sleep from 2 am to 5 am”. He also does not take off for holidays or vacations.

It’s quite a change from Oda’s initial plans for the manga. In the past, he had stated the ending of One Piece will conclude after 5 years in 2002. He even has an ending already planned out. However, as he continued to develop more characters, battles, and adventures, the story has taken on a life of his own.


7. Oda choose this career to avoid getting a “real job”


According to an interview in the One Piece Blue: Grand Data File, Oda claimed to have wanted to become a manga artist at the age of 4 to avoid having a “real job”. Sticking to his dream, Oda developed his skills over the years and created others series in his late teen. His first series, Wanted!, achieved several awards and placed second in the semi-annual Tezuka Award for the manga, after this much recognition Oda get his first weekly Shonen Jump.


6. One Piece inspired from the Dragon Ball


Oda found inspiration in many of his childhood cartoons and manga. Among many his favorites was Vicky The Viking, a 1970s animated television series that diverted his interest towards pirates shows. However, in terms of manga Oda was a huge fan of author Akira Toriyama and his work including Dr.slump and the most popular series Dragon Ball.

Since debuting One Piece in 1997, Oda became good friends with his idol Toriyama and even worked on projects together. The 2007 manga cross Epoch become the first crossover for One Piece and portrayed the characters from its world combined with the Dragon Ball universe.


5. Collision with Naruto Manga


As you know One Piece has the most character than any other manga. However, there is such a character was a cook named “Black Leg Sanji”-this is what he was eventually named, But when Oda created Sanji he named him Naruto. However, Oda’s rival, Naruto creator   Masashi Kishimoto, had a series named Naruto and was published in 1997. After having heard of its development Oda decided to change his character name to avoid confusion.

Even with early “rivalry”, the two artists respected one another. when Kishimoto published his final installment of the Naruto series, he included ‘Straw Hat Pirates’ symbol one Naruto headband on Hokage rock in chapter 700. As a response and final goodbye, Oda added tons of Naruto references in the cover of “Chapter 766” of One Piece.


4. Emerged from two One-shot stories


As Oda constantly works at Weekly Shonen Jump, he wants to develop his skills even more as an artist. So, he started to work as an assistant on Suizan Police Gang, Jungle King Tar-Chan, and Mizu no Tomodachi Kappaman. He was also noted as a big artist while working on Rurouni Kenshin with artist Nobuhiro Watsuki.

After working on good projects and working with artists, Oda finally created the “Romance Dawn” one-shot story series. A storyline that Oda originally wrote in his junior high school, the 1996 series represents the character Monkey D. Luffy as the lead, with his signature Straw Hat Pirate and lively nature.


3. Initial Character Designs and plans


Certain plot character changes took place in its starting phase. In the case of One Piece, some characters are drawn in styles that greatly contrast their final looks. For example, the adorable character of Tony Tony Chopper was originally drawn with a more realistic reindeer and carrying a sword.

Another character was the Straw Hat Pirates navigator Nami, originally she was wielding a huge battle ex and ‘Pirate Hunter’ Roronoa Zoro as a bodyguard for Buggy Pirates. However, Oda changed this due to the upcoming manga competition.


2. One Piece holds a world record

One Piece holds a world record

This manga is so successful that the author Oda holds a world record for “most copies published for the same comic book series by a single author” in 2004. At the time of recognition, One Piece had sold 320,866,000 units between December 1997 to December 2004. To date, manga sales now exceed over 490 million copies worldwide.


1. Luffy is an ambassador for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics


 Luffy is an ambassador for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Tokyo seemed to have amazing plans for its own Tokyo Olympics in 2020. Japan’s Olympic committee incorporated iconic characters from tv, anime, video games. Tokyo announced several times that an anime character would be an Olympic ambassador, with its worldwide appeal One Piece included in this Olympic.

As reported by anime news network the official ambassadors were, “Astro Boy, Sailor Moon, Shinchan, Luffy(One Piece), Goku(Dragon Ball), Naruto, Cure Miracle and Cure Magical(Maho Girls Precure!)”, They all were included in merchandise for the event.


One Piece 15th Movie has been announced named “ONE PIECE FILM RED”.


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