The moment Warner Bros realised that they had offered the fans with just what they thrive for – “Synder’s Cut of the Justice League.” Yet, there’s something left out, and it’s trending as #ReleaseAyersCut.

ayers cut..

What is Ayer’s Cut? Well, Ayer’s cut of suicide squad is David Ayer’s original director’s cut before getting toned down by Warner Bros just before the release.

Justice League had Joss Whedon replace Zack Snyder, who transformed the movie into some other form whereas for the Ayer’s Cut, Warner Bros filtered out multiple things from the director’s cut just before the release, and even fans are aware of the same. Hence, they are demanding David Ayer’s original cut to release soon.

In the recent tweet, David Ayer highlighted “the cut of his movie has never been seen.” Also, the studio cut of the movie holds almost all scenes of the joker.

He also agreed that it wouldn’t be wise enough to release his cut so close to the upcoming The Suicide Squad from James Gunn and even highlighted that it would be horrific brand value to do that.

“That would be horrific brand management to do that. No one has suggested that. Let James crush it.”

Suggesting his cut should be released after James upcoming has lived its release life so people can enjoy the upcoming movie.