Indian web site, Beebom, got a DMCA take down request from Microsoft, and Microsoft requested Google to have them delisted from search results.


Because they published an article with a link of the ISO file of Windows 11.

The article in question was a guide on how to install Windows 11.

Microsoft Japan has registered a DMCA complaint against Beebom, a technology news publication based out of India, for distributing unreleased Windows 11 ISO (Copyrighted to Microsoft). The tech giant has also asked Google to remove Beebom’s article from the search as “it contains a leaked copy of the unreleased Windows 11.”

Windows 11

First Spotted by : Fossbytes

It is unclear if other sites are being affected, but what we do know is that the Indian site quickly removed not only the ISO, but also the entire article on how to install Windows 11.

The page now leads to 404 page.

On the site, there is no mention of Windows 11 anywhere anymore beside small articles on the widely, already leaked infos, like the new background (which might change) and its new sounds.

After the Windows 11 ISO leaked, the internet went crazy about the UI changes and improvements that came with it. The leaked ISO files were all over different platforms like Reddit, Mega, and Telegram. That’s also how we grabbed one for our Windows 11 hands-on article.

We were a bit skeptical about the leak and if it was actually from Microsoft, but this DMCA report confirms the existence of Windows 11. For some context, Microsoft is all set to reveal “What’s next for Windows” in a live online event scheduled for June 24th.

All we saw in the leaked ISO was UI changes and improvements, but the build still cannot be called a “generational update” as there are no major changes under the hood

While it seems to be the case that Microsoft has basically confirmed it’s legit, that doesn’t mean the leaked build has all of the company’s planned features.

There may be a lot more to come from the company’s launch event, and it’s possible that the finished product will end up looking wildly different as a result.

Windows 11 Price: Will Windows 10 Users Get Free Windows 11 Upgrade?

If Microsoft goes on to release Windows 11, the most important question would be – What happens to the existing Windows 10 users? Well, going by history, we could expect Microsoft to offer free upgrades for current Windows 10 users.

Moreover,  XDA Developers have found evidence suggesting that Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 users will be able to upgrade to Windows 11 for free. For the specifics of this transition, we will have to wait for the Windows event later this week.

Windows 11: Complete Timeline

In case you are curious about the availability of Windows 11, here’s a complete timeline for the upcoming update:

  • Windows 11 Launch Date – Microsoft will announce the next Windows update, Windows 11, on June 24.
  • Windows 11 Insider Preview Release Date – Microsoft could release Windows 11 for Insiders after the June event. Insiders in the Dev Channel will be the first to get a taste of the new design overhaul.
  • Windows 11 Stable Update Release Date – Microsoft usually rolls out the second Windows 10 update in October each year. We could expect the company to follow this approach and start rolling out Windows 11 for all users in October

Windows 11 hype is still not settled, and it looks like Microsoft has just confirmed Windows 11’s existence and its leak in a DMCA complaint.

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