Indian authorities are on the brink of introducing bans on these top social media platforms which have become a part of our lives especially a tussle between them and these microblogging sites.

While Whatsapp has been served a legal notice had to retract its initial privacy policy change but will be re-applying it in May which will be a ‘do-or-die’ situation for them since the Indian government has already started its own messaging app.

Although still in its initial testing stage, the ‘Sandes’ app will be owned and managed by the government which would give them a major technology boost as well as security & privacy (as claimed). It is currently being tested by govt officials

As of Twitter, The government of India earlier sent a notice to Twitter to ban 200 accounts and tweets, now also has sent information of another 1000 accounts which is believed to have Khalistani or Pakistani links according to the security agencies.

While Twitter is yet to comply with the previous missive, which was sent on January 30, 2021. The new details were sent on February 4, 2021, to curb the misinformation. Twitter’s no response is indicating their misconduct and companies’ arrogance like in their scuffle with Australia.

CEO Jack Dorsey is on a mission to overpower FreeSpeech of only one ideology that after banning the account of then US President Donald Trump and thousands of Republicans, he even went to the extent of liking tweets against the Indian Government.

While all other social media are regulated and help the government of various countries to deal with misinformation, Twitter is gone rogue. The GoI may end up banning the platform like the Chinese apps or take the platform to the court.

Twitter has the third-largest market in India with many celebrities as well as political leaders and sportsperson are active on the platform.

India could end up banning all major foreign social media networks, such as Instagram and Snapchat, along with WhatsApp & Twitter, following the footsteps of China in doing so, or the GoI could launch “Indian” Apps to compete with them.